CraxsRat V4.9.5 Update 2  
Price: $20.00

Product Description:

Is a remote administration tool (RAT) for Android devices that allows users to remotely manage and control their device from a Windows PC. It allows users to access and manage various types of data on the device, including SMS, contacts, and installed applications. This RAT is designed for use with Android devices running version 5 to 13 General: Play notification sound on new client Rat only Support Windows 64-bit Records in camera/live screen.... will be saved as video insted of images Replace synclocks with await/task for smoother experince Fix delay screen control while blocking Improve anti-delete Improve auto allow permissions New: Screen reader v2: 1- view screen skilton 2- control screen 3- Record More options add to settings More interface translation Add support for miui permission (auto Start/ background)
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