S500 G3 RAT  
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Product Description:

======= Connected clients Volume of sending data Volume of received data Logs Clients Panel Active Systems Windows XP/7 Windows 8/8.1 Windows 10 Windows 11 Map Statistic from clients Miners Cuttency Grabber Passwords -------------- Miners Panel ============ -------------- Currency Grabber Panel ====================== -------------- Password Stealer Panel ====================== -------------- Builder ======= Assembly Information Product Version Clone From Exe Encrypt All Data stored With The Client Connection Refresh Notification For Discord Name Or Nickname of the Client Connection Host = add connection hosts and ports, or invoke with Eaw HTML-Pastebin.com UAC Exploit Create sheduled task Auto Run client Run With Highest Privileges Auto Start = Running the client when the computer is started hidden installtion System Recovery = Delete System Restore Points Anti Analysis = Protection of the client from analysis Anti Vmware Anti Sandboxie Anti Windows XP Mining Settings Cryptocurrency Mining Configuration = Worker Name Wallet Address Mining Pool Injection Processes Currency Grabber Settings From Client Cryptocurrency wallets = Enter The Address of the private wallet and you will receive a notification in the list of cryptocurrencies when the client has currencies - BTC Address - ETH Address - XMT Address Properties Settings Modify application properties before building Obfusction = This feature allows you to encrypt the application code, in multiple languages Size Settings = change file siz - KB - MB - GB Settings Settings are saved and restored automatically when the application is started Spoofing = Spoofing of application extension - .png - .gif - .ico - .mp3 - .mp4 - .doc - .docx - .xlsm - .vbc.exe Price : $700 HERE 15$
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