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What is Checking? Basically said you download an account list use a software (checker) that tries to log into the account with your ip or proxy and if its correct it shows as a hit. Openbullet Openbullet is one of the most popular program used for Checking accounts nowday, very stable and up to date. Its included many feature with GUI interface, easy to use. - OB Standard (supported only .loli config): - OB Anomaly version (ability to use .anom Config): PS: run Anomaly Updater.exe to download the latest OB Anomaly - OB v1.2.0 (ability to use encryped config .lolix): Combo, Proxy, Config, RDP Combo Combo/ComboList: A list of Username:Password or Email:Password, mostly saved on a text file. Where I can get combo? - Using SQL injection methods. - Paying for private combo or Editing service. - Free Combo: You can find a bunch of tool to edit your combo : Filter/Randomize/Delete duplicate lines: Proxy For checking, its a list of IP:Port / IP:Port:User:Pass, mostly saved on a text file. There are three different main types of proxies: HTTP / SOCKS4 / SOCKS5 Proxies are important because without them you will be limited on how many attempts you can make while checking passwords. Where I can get proxy? - FREE: from here https://openbullet.store/Downloads/download_item/proxy.html paid from here to got hq https://openbullet.store/Downloads/download_item/PROXYG.html (Socks4 are recommended) - Paid: Fineproxy.org, luminati.io , rsocks.net How to choose the best proxy? It depends on your budget and the targeted site. Config Simply explained, what you use to crack a specific site, for example if I want netflix accounts I use a netflix config. Explain some words used for config: - Proxyless: without proxy - Capture: capture information about the account like type of the sub / date of expiration / amount of points - Captchaless: a config that bypass captcha using a private API. Where I can get config? FREE Config: go download openbullet from https://openbullet.store RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) RDP is a network communications protocol developed by Microsoft, which allows users to remotely connect to another computer. It very important to use RDP when checking for the speed and safety. You can still use your PC for checking, but its better to buy one for cheap like only 5$ buy rdp from rdp in config shop https://openbullet.store/RDP/Rdp.html Start Checking If you use your PC, turn on the VPN. First, save all your config on "Config" folder. Run openbullet, and click on rescan to load your configs Add a new runner (you can add multi runner with multi sites) Select config and combo Define the amount of bots (threads) and choose if proxy is needed or not. Click on start and wait for Hits PS: if you keep getting only "Retries" that mean your config or proxy is not working. Where I can find my Hits? Go to Hits DB, and choose the site Explain some words on openbullet interface: - Hits: valid accounts - Bad: invalid accounts - Custom: FREE / without sub - CPM: check per minute (the speed of checking)
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